St Lucie Boulevard in Martin County

DATE: April 2020

SE St. Lucie Boulevard is a predominately 2-lane roadway in central Martin County, running from East Ocean Boulevard to an intersection with the western terminus of Indian Street, where the roadway continues in a southerly direction to a western terminus with SE Dixie Highway. At the intersection where it turns south by Willoughby Creek, the boulevard connects to SE Indian Street, which continues west to an intersection with SE Dixie Highway and ultimately terminates at SR 76. This analysis focuses on those portions of SE Indian Street from SE Dixie Highway to its intersection with SE St. Lucie Boulevard and the portion of SE St. Lucie Boulevard from SE Indian Street to East Ocean Boulevard and collectively referred to as the “St. Lucie Boulevard Corridor” for purposes of this study.

Responding to residents’ concerns regarding speeding, aesthetics, and safety, the roadway has been the subject of extensive public discussion and engineering analysis over the past year. Several traffic calming and beautification efforts have been installed by Martin County and resident groups, including speed tables, additional signage, and crosswalks. As requested by Martin County, the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) facilitated a public workshop with residents on March 5, 2020 to gather additional public input and provide the County with general recommendations regarding potential Complete Streets interventions as described herein.

DOCUMENTS:  St Lucie Boulevard - Technical Memorandum


  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    • Thomas J. Lanahan, Executive Director
    • Kim Delaney, PH.D. Director of Strategic Development & Policy, Project Manager
    • Dana Little. Urban Design Director
    • Lauren Moss Clark, Urban Planner


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