Southern Grove Master Plan

DATE: February 2021

In June 2018, the City of Port St. Lucie (City) acquired approximately 1,183 acres of property within the Southern Grove Development of Regional Impact (DRI). The property is being managed and developed through the City’s Governmental Finance Corporation (GFC). This initial purchase was expanded by 37 acres to include right-of-way modifications and a pending additional parcel to be transferred to GFC, creating a roughly 1,220-acre “Southern Grove property” as the focus of this analysis. Along the property, the City inherited substantial infrastructure bond debt from the former developer, which amounts to an approximately $4.5 million annual financial burden (2020 figures) through 2045 when the bonds will be retired.

In early 2019, the City adopted its Strategic Plan, including a key goal of creating a diverse economy and employment opportunities, with a strategic initiative to facilitate the build-out of Southern Grove. In October 2019, the City engaged the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) to create an updated land development and infrastructure master plan for the property, including a financial and market analysis, review of competitive markets, and strategies for property disposition.  The City of Port St. Lucie is one of the fastest growing cities in Florida, and its Southern Grove property is one of the most competitive and visible locations for large-format workplace uses in the region. Accordingly, the master plan sets forth a long-term, holistic development strategy that remedies prior infrastructure and drainage challenges; capitalizes on Southern Grove’s size, location, and visibility; and distributes value across the City’s complete holdings to create a signature mixed-use, jobs-centric corridor that will benefit the entire City for generations to come.

The Southern Grove Master Plan is intended to build upon the City’s prior planning efforts and reorganize the land uses and infrastructure to produce a more sustainable, economically viable development program to accomplish several key goals:

  1. Reinforce the development of a high-intensity jobs corridor for the City that generates economic benefits and net new jobs
  2. Create an integrated, multimodal and pedestrian-friendly transportation network that provides internal connectivity and access
  3. Maintain an efficient water and sewer system with sufficient capacity and redundancy
  4. Provide an interconnected master stormwater system with proper infrastructure to maintain appropriate lake levels, enhance natural systems, efficiently use the land, and enhance aesthetics
  5. Complement surrounding neighborhoods and districts
  6. Help establish a strong “sense of place” and identity for the City

DOCUMENTS:  Southern Grove Master Plan


  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    • Thomas J. Lanahan, Executive Director
    • Lauren Moss Clark, Urban Designer
    • Kim Delaney, Director of Strategic Development and Policy
    • Stephanie Heidt, Intergovernmental/Brownfields Coordinator
    • Dana P. Little, Urban Design Director
  • CAPTEC Engineering, Inc.
  • JJV Studio Architects
  • Northstar Geomatics
  • REG Architects
  • Retail Development Strategies, Inc. WTL+a