Riviera Beach CRA

DATE:  October 20 – 26, 2007

The charrette developed a master plan Community Redevelopment Area along the working marine waterfront, residential neighborhoods, and a portion of Singer Island. Key components include the following:

  • Ocean Mall remain a public beach with public access in a Caribbean style of architecture
  • Naintain and enhance working waterfront
  • Broadway (US Highway 1) and Blue Heron Boulevard as attractive mixed-use gateways into the community
  • Avenue E becomes a mixed-use district with shopping and residences
  • connect existing neighborhoods to the waterfront
  • Tri-Rail station at 13th Avenue and Old Dixie Highway
  • Economically feasible and “revenue driven” plan
  • Multi-cultural facility in the immediate area
  • Rebuild Newcomb Hall
  • Balance of housing price ranges
  • Improve city marina and Bicentennial park and keep them both public
  • Improve streets and neighborhoods west of Broadway
  • Evaluate the five previous plans
  • Create a long-term strategy for mobile home parks
  • Reconfigure the widening of Martin Luther King Boulevard, the historic main street



  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    • Marlene Brunot
    • Marcela Camblor
    • Anthea Gianniotes
    • Wynsum Hatton
    • Dana Little
  • ArX Solutions Inc.: Ramiro Contreras, Paula Lopez, Patricio Navarro, and Lucila Rodriguez;
  • Dan Cary & Associates: Dan Cary
  • Devlin Architecture: Doug Devlin
  • Economics Research Associates: Tom Lavash
  • Glatting Jackson: Billy Hattaway, Traffic Engineer
  • Juan Caruncho & Associates: Juan Caruncho
  • Seth Harry and Associates, Inc. Architects and Planners:  Seth Harry
  • Urban Designer: Steven Fett; Catherine Prince; Shailendra Singh; Jose Venegas