Martin MPO Complete Streets: Access to ransit Study

DATE: June 2020

To develop the Complete Streets: Access to Transit Study, the Martin MPO engaged the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) to coordinate a multi-year effort to engage stakeholders and the public, review national best practices, perform technical analysis and field work, develop selection criteria, and facilitate public input and review of methods by which Martin County's transit system could become enhanced by a network of Complete Streets.

Martin County has an extensive roadway network that spans more than 1,200 miles across the MPO service area. Based on the locations of existing and proposed transit stops, this study represents the first application of the MPO's Complete Streets selection criteria. Accordingly, this effort yielded 164 Opportunity Segments prioritized for Complete Streets interventions and helped inform stakeholders and the public regarding the relationship of Complete Streets and safe, efficient, effective access to transit. To implement this approach with the broadest applicability, the following actions are recommended:

  • Adoption of the Complete Streets: Access to Transit Study Report and distribution to local governments, stakeholder organizations, and the public.
  • Annual application of selection criteria to Martin County's transportation network with updated data as available.
  • Prioritization of Complete Streets interventions for City, for local government and FDOT resurfacing and rehabilitation projects as well as new roadway design.
  • Outreach to local governments and CRAs for integration of Complete Streets improvements as part of their capital plans.
  • Encourage local governments to adopt Complete Streets policies with supportive land development patterns.
  • Support expanded installation of crosswalks on County transportation network to enable expansion of transit service and broader selection of Opportunity Segments.

DOCUMENTS:  Complete Streets: Access to Transit Study

  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    • Thomas J. Lanahan, Executive Director
    • Kim Delaney, PH.D. Director of Strategic Development & Policy, Project Manager
    • Dana Little. Urban Design Director
    • Jessica Cortor Seymour, RA, LEED AP, Regional Planner
    • Lauren Moss Clark, Urban Planner
  • Frank Veldhuis, Data Analysis & Mapping
00-Top-Ranked Oppunity Segments - Access to Transit Complete Streets
Palm Beach Road_existing_2019-12-03
Palm Beach Road_proposed_2019-12-03
SE Christie Way_existing_2019-12-03
SE Christie Way_proposed_2019-12-03
SE Cove Road_existing_2019-12-03
SE Cove Road_proposed_2019-12-03
SE Dixie in GG_existing_2019-12-03
SE Dixie in GG_proposed_2019-12-03
SE Dixie in Salerno_existing_2019-12-03
SE Dixie in Salerno_proposed V1_Page_12
SE Dixie in Salerno_proposed V2_2019-12-03
SE Dixie in Salerno_proposed V3_2019-12-03
SE Ebbtide Ave_existing_2019-12-03
SE Ebbtide Ave_proposed_2019-12-03
SE Indian Street_existing_2019-12-03
SE Indian Street_proposed_2019-12-03
SE Monterey Road_existing_2019-12-03
SE Monterey Road_proposed_2019-12-03
SE Palm City Road_existing_2019-12-03
SE Palm City Road_proposed_2019-12-03
SE Salerno_existing_2019-12-03
SE Salerno_proposed_2019-12-03