Lake Worth Beach Historic Preservation Design Guideline

DATE:  Adopted by City Commission on January 15, 2019

The Historic Preservation Design Guidelines establish a comprehensive guide to the history and intent of the city’s historic preservation program.  The design guideline project to created a customized, comprehensive guide that reflects the unique historic resources and development patterns of Lake Worth and can be easily expanded and updated as new resources are identified in the future. The new Historic Preservation Design Guidelines are easily understandable for all users, utilize pictorial drawings and photographs wherever possible, and are accompanied by text as needed.

The guidelines are graphic in nature and through illustrations, drawings, and photographs the guidelines articulate the architectural elements and treatments that are vital to maintaining the integrity of the districts.  TCRPC will facilitated public workshops throughout the development of the Historic Preservation Design Guidelines. These workshops will be designed to engage the community and regulatory boards so as to educate on the purpose and process of the guideline development as well as solicit input into their content and recommendations.


  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    • Michael Busha, Executive Director
    • Dana Little, Urban Design Director
    • Jessica Seymour, Regional Planner
  • KSK Preservation: Kathleen Slesnick Kauffman
  • Urban Designers
    • Lauren Moss Clark
    • Steven Fett Architecture: Steven Fett
    • JJV Studio: Jose Venegas