Downtown Stuart

DATE:  January 1998


During the week following January 30, 1998, the citizens and elected officials of Stuart joined with Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council staff to create a new plan for the City’s downtown and Waterfront. The plan follows the model of “The Great American Small Town,” seeking to provide: All The Privileges And Necessities Of Daily Life Within A Comfortable Walking Distance.

The plan embraces the waterfront establishing public spaces (in the form of greens, parks, and lanes) and more than 2,400 linear feet of public waterfront in the heart of the downtown. The “Uptown” area is proposed as an address for a diversity of Shops, Residences, and Offices, and Hotel and Marina that will cater to the residents of the greater Stuart area and the region. The Northern extension of Osceola Street, relocation of City Hall to a more prominent and visible location, redevelopment of the Rayz property, revitalization of the Flagler Park area, and completion of the downtown street network will provide for the constructive expansion of the City’s pent-up energy and commerce.

  • Extension of Osceola Street (main street)
  • Redevelopment of the Rayz waterfront property
  • Revitalization of the Flagler Park
  • Completion of downtown’s network of streets
  • Extension of Seminole Street as a waterfront lane
  • Creation of an FEC passenger rail station
  • Completion of a parking study
  • Traffic calming



  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
  • Urban Designers:
    • David Goodman
    • Tom Spain
    • Joe Minicozzi