Delray Beach Downtown Atlantic Avenue

January 2005

The mission of the Downtown Delray Design Charrette was to engage the entire community in creating a unified vision for the residential and commercial renaissance of Downtown. The vision aims for Delray to recognize and embrace the merging trends that will shape the Downtown, to remain competitive in the marketplace, and to prepare the area to receive future growth gracefully and creatively.
With community involvement, the Charrette will identify infrastructure needs and resources necessary to achieve this vision by promoting employment opportunities and economic growth with an emphasis on a greater degree of parity and equity as well as a clean, safe, attractive environment for residents, businesses, and tourists.

  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council:
    • Michael Busha
    • Marcela Camblor
    • Shirley Monroe
    • Steven Fett
  • A + S Architects & Planners: P.A.: Derrick Smith
  • Correa, Valle, Valle, Town Planning & Architecture: Eric Valle, Shilendra Singh, Dita Trisnawan
  • Seth Harry And Associates Inc.: Seth Harry
  • Glatting, Jackson: Wade Walker
  • Urban Designers
    • Anthea Gianniotes
    • Dana Little
    • Jess Linn
    • Andrew Georgiadis
    • Sita Singh
Charrette Report