City of Stuart Gateway Triangle Master Plan

DATE: Adopted August 2021

LOCATION: City of Stuart, Martin County

The City of Stuart Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and the City of Stuart (City), in collaboration with the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) produced Triangle District Master Plan. The Master Plan which provides a series of recommended infrastructure improvements, redevelopment concepts, and strategies for the Triangle District.

To develop the Triangle District plan, TCRPC coordinated a public involvement process, completed detailed field analyses, base documentation, and developed a recommended urban design and master plan.  The intent of the plan is to assist the CRA and the City in making future decisions regarding a balanced redevelopment of the Triangle District.  This planning effort is also designed to integrate the vision and principles of prior and current planning efforts in Stuart.  It should be noted the study area was the subject of previous vision planning efforts in 1988 and 2002.  Accordingly, the updated vision contained in the Triangle District plan builds upon these previous efforts and subsequent studies commissioned by the CRA including the Federal Highway Master Plan (hyperlink: adopted by the City of Stuart in August of 2021.

The study area is roughly defined as west of S Dixie Highway, east of US-1/Federal Highway, north of SW Ocean Boulevard.  Its geometry is a triangle, and in public outreach, the term Triangle District resonated with the most people surveyed. For that reason, the area will be referred to as the Triangle District.  The study area is characterized by offices, automotive uses, a telecom utility building, vacancies, a church, and an associated school.  The active uses are largely centered around business hours with evenings and weekends being largely dark.  A significant piece of redevelopment occurred on a City-owned property where a three-story rental apartment building with 49 units was completed in 2019. The success of this development has shown the potential for the district which retains its compact walkable network of streets and alleys and close connection to Old Downtown, the St Lucie River, and “The Creek” Arts & Entertainment District. Public outreach in surveys, individual interviews, vision workshops, and walking tours echoed the support of expanding more active uses in the study area and continuing the fabric of downtown into the Triangle District.

The Triangle District is comprised of 39 parcels, totaling 18.9 acres. To facilitate redevelopment and accomplish the City’s goals for the District, the key recommended actions include:

  • Develop a district-wide approach to parking, as the current parking regulations limit redevelopment especially for active uses such as restaurants.
  • Reconfigure streets to allow two-way traffic and maximize on-street parking.
  • Improve streets with context-sensitive, complete streets designs including clear pedestrian pathways, marked crosswalks, and enhanced lighting. Although the current network of streets and alleys is fairly compact and complete, the pedestrian experience is confusing, dark, and inhospitable.
  • Enhance key intersections at US-1/Federal Highway, US-1/Ocean, and Sailfish Circle at Dixie Highway/Joan Jefferson Way to provide safer and more convenient crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Prioritize district-wide landscaping, public space, and stormwater management enhancements and include as part of redevelopment projects and street improvements.

DOCUMENTS:  Triangle District Master Plan

Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council

    • Thomas J. Lanahan, Executive Director
    • Dana Little, Urban Design Director
    • Jessica Cortor Seymour, RA, LEED AP, Project Manager
    • Lauren Moss Clark, Urban Planner
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