Broward Boulevard Gateway Implementation Project

DATE: August 2014

The Broward Boulevard Gateway Implementation Plan envisions Broward Boulevard evolving into a signature entry to the City, characterized by wide, shaded sidewalks; urban redevelopment that creates a sense of place through the careful positioning of buildings, parking, and landscaping; a rich mix of uses that serve the daily needs of residents, visitors, and businesses; safe and attractive facilities for bicycles and transit; and many convenient transportation choices. The Plan has been developed in a climate of renewed interest, both locally and nationally, in the benefits of sustainable urban environments and the links among livability, mobility, and quality of life.  A Core Partners Committee, comprised of nine different public agencies and local governments, was formed to work with the City to improve long-term mobility and quality of life.  The Core Partners Committee helped guide the process of creating the Plan as well as review its findings and recommendations. This Plan is the result of a multi-step, public process.  The ?rst step included collecting and analyzing the planning, transportation, and visioning studies that had been conducted over the course of previous years.  Not surprisingly, improved quality of life, protecting existing neighborhoods, and providing a healthy climate for business opportunities were identi?ed as common themes that are reinforced by this Plan.

Public involvement was critical during this process.  Over 23 public presentations, nearly 50 individual interviews, and a day-long public design workshop were part of the public involvement campaign.  These efforts facilitated the incorporation of information and ideas from a wide range of community stakeholders. 

After gathering public input, the following steps were taken:

  • existing conditions (property ownership patterns, future land use, and zoning) along the Broward Boulevard corridor were analyzed;
  • major parcels and their redevelopment potential was studied;
  • key projects and potential design scenarios were identi?ed throughout the study area;
  • incremental, implementable improvements to bring multi-modal balance to the corridor were identi?ed.

DOCUMENTS:  Broward Boulevard Gateway Implementation Project


City of Fort Lauderdale

  • Lee Feldman, City Manager
  • Diana Alarcon, Transportation and Mobility Director
  • Renee Cross, Project Manager, Transportation and Mobility Department
  • Jenni Morejon, Deputy Director, Sustainable Development Department
  • Alfred Battle, Community Redevelopment Director
  • Kevin Walford, Transportation Planner


Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMPO)

Broward County Transit

South Florida Regional Transportation Authority

Florida Department of Transportation – District 4

Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority

South Florida Regional Planning Council

  • James Murley, Executive Director
  • Bob Cambric, Director of Policy and Planning


Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council

  • Michael Busha, Executive Director
  • Dana Little, Urban Design Director
  • Marlene Brunot
  • Kim DeLaney
  • Anthea Gianniotes
  • Stephanie Heidt
  • Dana Little
  • Eloine Sabol


Architects and Urban Designers

  • Marcela Camblor
  • Juan Caruncho
  • Dan Cary
  • Marice Chael
  • Steven Fett
  • Michael Galea
  • Ricardo Lopez
  • Lauren Moss
  • Catherine O’Sullivan
  • Jose Venegas
  • Gabriel Williams