Intergovernmental Coordination & Review

Presidential Executive Order 12372, and Governor’s Executive Order 95-359 established the ICR Process.  Florida State Executive Order 83-150 designated Florida’s Ten regional planning councils as “regional clearinghouses” giving the Regional Planning Councils responsibility for coordinating local reviews of projects.

The Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council coordinates its review with the State Clearinghouse located in the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

ICR reviews fall into two broad categories:

  1. Grant Applications that request federal funding
  2. Projects that may impact the environment or cause any extra-jurisdictional impacts to other local governments within the Region

Examples for the second type of review (#2 above) are not limited but include the following:

  1. Environmental resource permits from the South Florida Water Management District
  2. Dredge and fill permit applications from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  3. Consistency projects from the Florida State Clearinghouse/Florida Coastal Management Program
  4. Transportation improvement programs and unified planning work programs submitted by Metropolitan/Transportation Planning Organizations
  5. Applications or Community Development Block Grants
  6. Local Government Annual Work Plans

Each application is reviewed for consistency with the Strategic Regional Policy Plan. Additionally, projects in the second category above that require a federal permit may be reviewed for consistency with Florida’s Coastal Management Program.