Comprehensive Planning

South-Florida-Aveune-Complete-Street-Charrette-and-Master-PlanPursuant to Chapter 163, F.S., TCRPC provides assistance on growth management issues upon request to all local governments in the region. Examples of assistance provided include advice on comprehensive plans and plan amendments, evaluation and appraisal reports, and land development regulations. TCRPC also provides technical assistance to local governments on issues such as annexations, conservation easements, sustainability, mixed-use development, transportation, and land-use decisions.

In addition, one of the Regional Planning Council’s primary statutory responsibilities is the review of local government comprehensive plans and amendments.

This includes the following:

  • Review of plans and plan amendments for consistency with the TCRPC’s Strategic Regional Policy Plan for the Treasure Coast Region
  • Review of plans and plan amendments for extra-jurisdictional impacts with the comprehensive plans of affected local governments

TCRPC’s review of comprehensive plan amendments is concerned primarily with the effects of the amendment on regional resources and facilities as identified in the Strategic Regional Policy Plan and extra-jurisdictional impacts.