HD King Project

DATE: 2008-2019

Former HD King Power Plan
City of Fort Pierce


This 5.6 acre site is the location of the former H.D. King Power Plant in the City of Fort Pierce.  This parcel of land was used for power generation starting in 1912. The plant was closed in May of 2008, and demolition of the plant was completed in October of 2009. The site consists of three non-contiguous parcels. Parcel #1 in the main parcel on which the majority of the former power plant operations were conducted.  It fronts Indian River Drive to the east and is directly north of Avenue B.  Parcel #2 is located north of Moore’s Creek, directly west of Indian River Drive.  Parcel #3 is located directly opposite of Parcel #1 and fronts 2nd Street.  The parcels are physically separated by roadways and/or Moore’s Creek. Separate Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreements (BSRAs)  were executed for each parcel to allow incremental closure of the overall site and access to additional grant funding. Because the City designated the site a Brownfields, they were able to access benefits under the Florida Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credit (VCTC) program. In total, the City received over $2.5 M in refunds under the VCTC program.

Funding provided through council’s brownfields programs:
Subgrant for $100,000

Four loans totaling $1,700,000

Funded activities include the development of a Site Specific Quality Assurance Project Plan; Health and Safety Plan; Interim Source Removal Plan (ISRP); Community Involvement Plan (CIP); Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA); combined ABCA and Remedial Action Plan (RAP); Toxic Substances Control Act  Work Plan Draft; and excavation and backfill remediation (a total of over 453 tons of contaminated soil was removed for off-site disposal). There was extensive public outreach on this project. Regular meetings were held with the City of Fort Pierce Communitywide Advisory Board. Additionally, community stakeholders were engaged in all aspects of the cleanup and redevelopment plans. Community leaders and organizations, including the Main Street Fort Pierce organization, Lincoln Park Mainstreet, and the Downtown Business Association were involved in community outreach efforts.  


  • Council’s Urban Design Studio prepared a master redevelopment plan for the entire downtown area in 2008. This plan has been used to market the property as a key piece of the City’s overall downtown waterfront redevelopment plans.
  • In 2019, Council staff worked with the Fort Pierce Redevelopment Agency by providing assistance with the selection of a developer for the site; an economic analysis of the project; and negotiating the project development agreement with the selected developer.


  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    • Greg Vaday, Economic Development Coordinator (2008-2015)
    • Stephanie Heidt, AICP, Economic Development & Intergovernmental Programs Director (2015 to present)
  • Fort Pierce Redevelopment Agency
  • City of Fort Pierce
  • Cardno
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
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