Anchorage Park in the Village of North Palm Beach

DATE: 2007-2009


The former Seacoast Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant site (3.2 acres) is located at 603 South Anchorage Drive in North Palm Beach, Florida. The overall 5.7 acre property consists of the former treatment plant and the surrounding Anchorage Park property, which includes dry boat storage, maintenance buildings, ball fields, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and a playground.  The wastewater treatment plant was vacated by Seacoast Utilities in 1994 and subsequently deeded to the Village. A history of the property includes: 1956-1957, construction of a trickling sewage treatment plant with surface water discharges to the Earman River with drying beds handling the sludge; 1968 aerobic digesters and associated aeration equipment were added; 1972 mix aeration system replaced trickling filters; 1975 drying bed use was discontinued and sludge was taken to local disposal sites; and in 1994 a pump station and pipeline were constructed to the PGA wastewater treatment plant.  Originally, the facility was built as a 1.1 MGD (million gallons per day) facility. Over time the facility expanded to a capacity of 4.85 MGD, and at the time of de-commissioning was handling approximately 2.4 MGD.

Upon taking ownership of the site, the Village of North Palm Beach decided to demolish the wastewater treatment plant structure; update the environmental assessment of the property; remediate any impacts; and integrate the site into the surrounding park. The project envisioned providing additional access to adjacent waterways and recreational opportunities for residents and tourists as well as serving as a community gathering location that would expand and improve adjacent obsolete park facilities.  The Village held special workshops with the Recreation Advisory Board, Waterways Board and their design consulting firm, and Village staff to discuss plans and options for improvements to the site and Anchorage Park. Additionally, the Village contracted with TBE Group Inc. (Cardno) to develop the conceptual plan for the park.

Funding provided through council’s brownfields programs:
Subgrant for $100,000

Work funded under this grant includes: site remediation activities and confirmatory sampling of the subject site in preparation of the development of a municipal waterfront park; constituent activities including a public relations plan; an Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives; asbestos survey and abatement activities; confirmatory sampling of dredge spoil residuals for petroleum components; and petroleum source removal activities.

Demolition and remediation activities were completed in 2009. Along with the RLF grant provided by Council, the Village was able to leverage other funding to complete the project, which had a total cost of $2 million. Currently, the site is part of a 20+ acre multi-purpose waterfront park and greenspace that has dog parks, baseball fields, sand volleyball courts, a boat launch and storage, fishing spots, picnic areas, and playgrounds.

  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    • Greg Vaday, Economic Development Coordinator (2008-2015)
  • Village of North Palm Beach
  • Cardno
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
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