Brownfields Program

Sustainable Reuse of Brownfields: The Vision

Developed in 2003, the goal of Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council’s (TCRPC) Brownfields Program is to promote the reuse and redevelopment of abandoned or underutilized brownfield sites in the Region. TCRPC offers both technical assistance for environmental site assessments, clean up planning and community engagement, as well as financial assistance in the form of sub-grants and low-interest loans.

TCRPC’s vision for the sustainable reuse of Brownfields is a continuation and natural outgrowth of its efforts to promote the creation of livable cities, towns, and villages within the Treasure Coast Region. TCRPC’s Brownfields Program is intended to facilitate the redevelopment and revitalization of brownfield areas within older communities, restore abandoned and underutilized sites to productive community-supported uses, and promote overall economic and environmental enhancement in the Region’s communities.

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