Strategic Regional Policy Plan

SRPP__Strategic-Regional-Policy-Plan_thumbnailThe Strategic Regional Policy Plan (SRPP) was adopted in 1995 and is codified in Rule 29K-5002, Florida Administrative Code. The SRPP is designed to provide a holistic, comprehensive approach to building a region—from the identification and organization of its largest physical environmental features down to the arrangement of the block, street, and buildings of the smallest increment of the built environment. The SRPP criticizes recent forms and patterns of development for being too homogenous and disconnected to support the organization of larger, more efficient, and sustainable patterns of development.

The SRPP is intended as an illustrated manual or guidebook for building a better region. There are illustrations and policy guidance contained in the SRPP for how local governments can respond to the plan. The source of all these images and the motivation for the plan were generated from the nearly fifty public planning charrettes of all shapes, sizes, and contexts held in and around the Region since 1989.

The SRPP uses New Urbanism and Smart Growth principles to respond to Florida’s growth and provide precise instructions for improving settlement patterns; protecting the countryside; and building authentic towns, cities, and villages. Developed in 1995, the SRPP remains the benchmark by which all regional plans in Florida can be judged.