TVC Program Overview

Towns, Villages and the Countryside (TVC) is an element in St. Lucie County’s comprehensive plan. Approximately 60 square miles are within the Special Area Plan with 28 within the TVC area. Residential units can be bought and sold to create authentic towns and villages. At the same time, open space is preserved. All new developments within the TVC are subject to the Land Development Regulations. Transfer of Development Rights (TDRs) is administered by the TDR Regulations.

Participation in the TVC is optional for landowners with less than 500 acres although there are incentives to participate (see TVC comprehensive plan element). Landowners with 500 or more acres are required to participate, and the larger landowners may take advantage of TVC’s incentives including expedited review.

Buying and Selling Credits
1. Seller completes a TDR Credit Evaluation Form and returns to Anthea Gianniotes (772-221-4060)
2. Staff evaluates and certifies the amount of credits
3. Once buyer and seller agree on transaction, both complete the TDR Transfer Application