The existing configuration of the Florida Turnpike interchange at Commercial Boulevard hearkens back to the days when the ticket system was used on the Florida Turnpike and all movements were brought through a single toll facility. Since the north and south segments of the Florida Turnpike have abandoned the ticket system, there is no longer a need to focus all turning movements at a single location. The demand could be better balanced by splitting the needed movements (illustrated in the above diagram) into two intersections, which would have the net effect of decreasing delays for both the turning and through movements. One option for modification is to mirror the existing loop on the west side of the Florida Turnpike. As shown in the above illustration, this configuration separates the turning movements between two signalized intersections thereby balancing the demand. One advantage of this configuration is the ability to locate retention ponds within the loops to retain water from either the interchange or potentially off site retention for SR 7.