SR 7 - Miramar - West Park

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Project Brief


Intersection of SR 7 and Pembroke Road by Shailendra Singh
Location: Miramar and West Park, Broward County, Florida
Date: February 5, 2005

The SR 7 - Miramar/West Park Charrette is part of a series of nine charrettes focused on the entire 25.6 mile section of the SR 7/U.S. 441 in Broward County. The series’ main goals are to create a plan for redevelopment and to accommodate future mass transit. The SR 7/U.S. 441 Collaborative was the impetus of this planning effort, and its membership includes the fourteen local governments that span the Broward County section of SR 7 and ex-officio members. The collaborative is facilitated by the staff of the South Florida Regional Planning Council.

The SR 7 - Miramar/West Park Charrette looks the redevelopment of SR 7 between Pembroke Road and County Line Road and includes the following features:

    1. a well-defined center, edge, and identity

SR 7 - Miramar - West Park Master Plan
    2. SR 7 a maximum of six lanes
    3. pedestrian-friendly SR 7 with landscaping, wide sidewalks, pedestrian-scale street furniture
    4. elimination of water retention areas fronting SR 7
    5. retail destinations at the intersections of Miramar Parkway, Pembroke Road, and County Line Road
    6. new city hall for West Park
    7. live/work opportunities within the industrial parks
    8. new school locations
    9. new mixed-use buildings that include residential
The Team:
    Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    Marcela Camblor - Urban Design Studio Coordinator
    Steven Fett - Urban Designer
    Wynsum Hatton - Graphics Technician
    Dana Little - Urban Designer
    A+S Architects: Derrick Windell Smith
    ArX Solutions Inc.: Patricio Navarro, Gonzalo Navarro, Lucio Sanjuan, Alejo Rios Trejos, and Adrien Ferrari
Glatting, Jackson, Kercher, Anglin, Lopez, Rinehart: Wade Walker
    Urban Designers: Sita Singh, Dan Cary, Maria DeLeon Fleites, Shailendra Singh, and Jess Linn
The proposed West Park City Hall with its fronting plaza and civic park by Dana Little.
Charrette Documents
3-D Videos
Water Attenuation and Redevelopment by ArX Solutions, Inc. Tour of the new town center by ArX Solutions, Inc.
Home Depot site as the new town center - daytime by ArX Solutions, Inc.
Home Depot site as the new town center - night time by ArX Solutions, Inc.