SR 7 - Lauderdale Lakes

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Project Brief


Location: Lauderdale Lakes, Broward County, Florida
Lauderdale Lakes Community Redevelopment Agency received the 2006 Florida Redevelopment Association President's Award for its efforts in redeveloping SR 7
Lauderdale Lakes Master Plan
Potential Annexation Area
Entrance Markers and Monuments
Fire Station
Town Center
Street Sections
Perspective of the proposed SR 7 through Lauderdale Lakes. By Shailendra Singh.
Proposed new fire house. By Jess Linn.
Date: May 3, 2003

he SR 7 - Lauderdale Lakes Charrette is part of a series of nine charrettes focused on the entire 25.6 mile section of the SR 7/U.S. 441 in Broward County. The series' main goals are to create a plan for redevelopment and to accommodate future mass transit. The SR 7/U.S. 441 Collaborative was the impetus of this planning effort, and its membership includes the fourteen local governments that span the Broward County section of SR 7 and ex-officio members. The collaborative is facilitated by the staff of the South Florida Regional Planning Council.

The SR 7 - Lauderdale Lakes Charrette looks at the redevelopment of SR 7 between Commercial Boulevard and NW 29th Street. The charrette report includes the following features:

  1. create town center with mixed use buildings
    2. create an identity and build a memorable entrance
    3. build a linear park along the C-13 Canal
    4. redevelop the existing commercial and introduce an entertainment center
    5. beautify and improve the industrial site
    6. explore the waterfront opportunities
The Team:
    Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council: Michael Busha, Marcela Camblor, Dana Little, and Shirley Monroe
    Glatting, Jackson, Kercher, Anglin, Lopez, Rinehart: Wade Walker
    Designers: Jaime Correa, Maria DeLeon Fleites, Jess Linn, Elena Romero, Shailendra Singh, Sita Singh, Derrick Wendell Smith, Erick Valle, Estela Valle, and Freddy Vivas
Charrette Documents
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Proposed library. By Derrick Smith.