Existing Section: SR 7 is a four-lane road with a center turn lane. Head in parking with an almost continuous curb cut create a dangerous situation with cars backing up onto the state road.
Proposed Section: Six lanes, the outer lanes used for buses, a wide center median, and wide sidewalks with street trees planted in grates at the street edge.
Proposed Linear Park Section: The linear park doubles as storm water storage, and a new frontage street lines the park to the east.
An attractive way to collect storm water: dry storage designed as a useable, beautiful linear park. Note the new two-lane street replacing an existing alley to the east (right side) of the park.
Two and three-story buildings with no office space, no extra parcels to accommodate parking, and a new alley to create a transition into the existing neighborhood and to separate uses.
Three and four-story buildings with office space. The added program requires acquisition of more property to achieve parking requirements.
Four-story building without shared parking. The lack of sharing places a greater burden on a single property, which must expand to accommodate. Deterioration can occur to the neighborhoods with too much development.