SR 7 - Coconut Creek/Coral Springs/Parkland Charrette

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Project Brief


proposed environmental studies center at Hillsboro Pineland Natural Area as it would face SR 7 by Joe Minicozzi.
Location: Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, and Parkland, Broward County, Florida
Date:  December 3, 2005

The SR 7 - Coconut Creek/Coral Springs/Parkland Charrette is part of a series of nine charrettes focused on the entire 25.6 mile section of the SR 7/U.S. 441 in Broward County. The series’ main goals are to create a plan for redevelopment and to accommodate future mass transit. The SR 7/U.S. 441 Collaborative was the impetus of this planning effort, and its membership includes the fourteen local governments that span the Broward County section of SR 7 and ex-officio members. The collaborative is facilitated by the staff of the South Florida Regional Planning Council.

The SR 7 - Miramar/West Park Charrette looks at the redevelopment of SR 7 between the Hillsboro Canal and Sample and is the northern most segment of SR 7 in Broward County. The charrette report includes the following features:

    1. Give SR 7 the character of a parkway interrupted by beautiful mixed-use town and neighborhood centers

SR 7 - Coconut Creek-Coral Springs-Parkland Master Plan.
    2. SR 7 a maximum of six lanes
    3. Maintain the interconnectivity of streets throughout the study area
    4. Design SR 7 as a connector instead of a divider of neighborhoods
    5. No big-box retail surrounded by seas of parking
    6. Enhance public access and identity of the City of Parkland by providing a public building or museum
    7. Enhance public access to natural parks and preserves
    8. Improve SR 7 and Sawgrass Expressway drainage areas by converting them to parks
    9. Replace Sample Road flyover with an at-grade intersection
The Team:
    Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    Marcela Camblor - Urban Design Studio Coordinator
    Wynsum Hatton - Graphics Technician
    Dana Little - Urban Designer
    A+S Architects: Derrick Windell Smith
    ArX Solutions Inc.: Patricio Navarro, Gonzalo Navarro, Sebastian Ciccioli, Paula Lopez, and Sabrina Fajo
Glatting, Jackson, Kercher, Anglin, Lopez, Rinehart: Wade Walker
    Urban Designers: Dan Cary, Steven Fett, Jess Linn, Joe Minicozzi, Sita Singh, Shailendra Singh, and Ramon Trias
Alternative site plan for the proposed Super Wal-Mart by Dana Little.
Charrette Documents
3-D Videos
SR 7 before and after by ArX Solutions, Inc. SR 7 looking Southwest from the Broward/Palm Beach County line by ArX Solutions, Inc.
SR 7 in Coral Springs to neighborhood center on Turtle Creek Drive by ArX Solutions, Inc.
Heading south on proposed parallel street toward proposed neighborhood center on Turtle Creek Drive by ArX Solutions, Inc.