South Martin County Charrette

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Project Brief


Date: October 28 - November 4, 1994 in collaboration with Dover Kohl and Partners
Create a plan that protect environmentally sensitive land and helps a fragile ecosystem, stops encroaching development, revitalizes deteriorating areas, and addresses changing demographics. The citizens’ plan recommends the following:
1. Preserve the Atlantic Coastal Ridge ecosystems
  2. Provide public access to the proposed Nature Preserve
  3. Develop a rural village adjacent to the Nature Preserve
  4. Infill and revitalize the neighborhoods in Hobe Sound
  5. Identify other areas that have infill potential
  6. Limit commercial development to town and neighborhood Centers
  7. Redesign major roads to be more pedestrian and bike friendly
  8. Provide access to St. Lucie Inlet State Park
  9. Future development should occur within new towns
  10. Identify preferred sites for new towns
  11. Only fund new infrastructure to service and access new towns in preferred locations
The Study Area is indicated in the shaded area
Village in the Countryside
Infill opportunities in South Martin County
Overlooking the preserve area.