City of Sebastian County Road 512

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City of Sebastian, Indian River County, Florida
The 'Fork': view of the proposed ultimate build-out
The 'Fork' ultimate build-out plan shows how the
three neighborhoods are connected
November 3, 2000
The program called for the redevelopment of CR 512 through the City of Sebastian and the review of new overlay zoning code. The project was commissioned by the City of Sebastian. The master plan includes the following features:
  1.Name change from CR 512 to Sebastian Boulevard
  2.Narrowed roadway
  3.Heavily landscaped medians and corridors
  4.Safe sidewalks and pedestrian walkways
  5.Decorative lighting and adequate shading
  6.Restaurants, Chamber of Commerce, clock tower, and/or City Hall at the "Fork"
  7.Special treatment at main intersections
  8.Connected parking lots
  9.Entry features and preserve area by entry bridge
  10.New buildings and quality architecture
  11.Buffered residential area
  12.Local trolley service
  13.Traffic calming at neighborhood entrances
  14.Train station and parks
  15.Redesign of the Orange Heights neighborhood
  16.Connection of the "Fork" into neighborhoods and the waterfront
   Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
  Designers: Scott Conner, Jaime Correa, Steven Fett, Andrew Georgiadis, Anthea Giannotes, Raul Lastra, Jess Linn, Dana Little, Rick Lopez, Tatiana Pena, Mario Rubio, Shailendra Singh, Derrick Smith, Erick Valle, and Estela Valle.
Charrette Documents
A front door to the City: view of the proposed entrance bridge