City of Sebastian US 1 Riverfront District

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Project Brief


City of Sebastian, Indian River County, Florida




The new clock and clock plaza, the park and proposed development
by Derrick Wendell Smith


Buildings along US 1 that extend to Indian River Drive (especially those
| within the Civic District), should address the waterfront.



March 16, 2001
The Riverfront District Master Plan is the citizens' vision of the ultimate growth and form of the city's waterfront and its surroundings as a public amenity and regional destination. The master plan includes the following features:
  1.   Revitalization of the Riverview Park (a Center for the City)
  2.   Revitalization of Main Street
  2.   Planning strategy for neighborhoods and empty parcels on commercial streets
  3.   Celebration of public entrances to the City
  4.   Capitalization on the area's history
  5.   Plans showing how to handle recreational parking
  6.   Creation of a "Traffic Calmed" network of streets, including US 1
  7.   Creation of Architectural Design Guidelines in order to preserve the character and charm of the area
    Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council: Marcela Camblor and Shirley Monroe
    Correa, Valle, Valle, Inc.
    Glatting, Jackson, Kercher, Anglin, Lopez, Rinehart
    Designers: Steven Fett, Andrew Georgiadis, Anthea Gianniotes, Jess Linn, Dana Little, Tatiana Pena, Mario Rubio, Shailendra Singh, Derrick Wendell Smith, and Wade Walker.
Charrette Documents and Images

An aerial view of the Waterfront Town