Encida - Perrine Charrette

TCRPC Urban Design Studio
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Project Brief


The charrette study area is in a historic community south of Miami
Master Plan Sections
Historic Village
Hibiscus Street
Transit-Oriented Development
Public Housing
Industrial District
West Perrine CDC - Bell Properties
Turnpike Gateway
SW 104th Avenue
Ben Shavis Park
West Perrine Park
Street Improvements
Dates: January 11 - 17, 2003

Infill and Redevelopment of a community over 100 years old

Like many eastern communities in south Miami-Dade County, many businesses and families left the community after the devastation of Hurricane Andrew. The charrette called for renewal and revitalization of this historic community. Highlights of the plan include the following:

1.   Homestead Avenue as a mixed-use “main street”
2.   improvement of traffic circulation with pedestrian-friendly streets
3.   amelioration of the industrial district between Eureka and Quail Roost drives
4.   Hibiscus Street as a residential boulevard
5.   building types that fit on small vacant lots
6.   preservation of historical character
7.   infill housing with adjacent mixed-use buildings to link neighborhoods
8.   US 1 corridor a signature boulevard
9.   transformation of public housing into home ownership
  Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
  Michael Busha - Executive Director
  Marcela Camblor - Urban Design Director
  Shirley Monroe - Graphics Technician
  Miami-Dade County Department of Planning and Zoning
  Miami-Dade County South Chamber of Commerce
  A + S Architects and Planners, P.A. - Derrick Smith
  Urban Designers
  Steven Fett
  Maria de Leon Fleites
  Anthea Gianniotes
  Jess Linn
  Dana Little
  Elena Romera
  Sita Singh
  Freddy Vivas
Charrette Documents
Charrette Report    
Aerial view of Hibisucs Street with a mix of affordable housing and a pocket green and stoops and porches facing the street by Shailendra Singh.
View to the south toward the square at the northern end of Homestead Avenue from the steps of the proposed library by Jess Linn.