Old Cutler Road Charrette

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Project Brief


Dates: June 22 - 28, 2002
The Old Cutler Road Charrette created a master plan for a two-and-a half-mile section of the roadway. It is the citizens' vision to return the roadway's historic character, improve its physical appearance, and resolve several traffic related problems. The objectives are as follows:
  • improve traffic congestion, flow, and safety
  • slow traffic speeds on Old Cutler Road and in the surrounding neighborhoods
  • improve intersections
• landscape Old Cutler Road
  • improve and maintain sidewalks and bike lanes
  • connect existing streets and parking lots
  • consolidate driveways
  • build new roads to promote interconnectivity
  • promote a civic identity by creating a civic district/town center
  • build new a community center and public plaza
  • relocate the Khorey League ball fields
  • build new entrance features to create identity and announce arrival
  • surround the main plaza with mixed-use buildings
  • improve drainage
  • establish architectural design guidelines
  • create activities for the youth
  • build a walkable and pedestrian-friendly environment
Public Input Workshop Design Studio Presentation of Work-In-Progress
Public Input Workshop - Saturday, June 22, 2002
Edward Whigham Elementary School
Public works out issues with an urban designer as a facilitator. At the end of the session, each table presents their ideas.
Design Studio - Sunday, June 22 - Friday, June 28, 2002
Charrette team tests and refines the public input with continued open public input.
Presentation of Work-In-Progress - Friday, June 28, 2002
US 1 by Natasha Alfonso
Old Cutler at 212 St arch and bench by Jess Linn
Khoury League
US 1 looking south by Shalindra Singh
Townhouses along Old Cutler Road
After a week of working in the community, work completed within the week is presented back to the public.
Charrette Documents
Charrette Report    
Opening Presentation Work-in-Progress Presentation
  Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council: Marcela Camblor, Shirley Monroe
  South Florida Regional Planning Council
  Miami- Dade County DP&Z
  Chamber South
  Seth Harry & Associates, Architecture & Town Planning
  Glatting Jackson, Livable Streets Department
  Urban Designers: Maria de Leon Fleites, Jess Linn, Steven Fett, Debora Storch, Ignacio Correa, Sibel Veziroglu,Natasha (Quintanilla) Alfonso, Fernando Odiaga, Tabatha Janna