North Miami 6th Avenue Charrette

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Project Brief


Dates: May 12 - 19, 2000
The charrette focused improving traffic and walkability on the NE 6th Avenue corridor. The citizens requested the following: 
narrower street
  landscaped islands
  mixed-use buildings
  wider sidewalks
  sidewalk cafes
  pavers on crossings
  uniform street furniture
  parking behind buildings
  entry features
  traffic calming features
  wider sidewalks
  new buildings
  attractive bus stops
  landscape Publix lot
  solve congestion at NE 125th Street an NE 6 Avenue
  crossings for children
  small everyday shops
  laundry facilities
  purchase land
  uniform colors
  ice cream shops
Public Input Workshop Design Studio Presentation of Work-In-Progress
Public Input Workshop - Saturday, May 12, 2000
Public works out issues with an urban designer as a facilitator. At the end of the session, each table presents their ideas.
Design Studio - Sunday, May 13 - Friday, May 19, 2000
Charrette team tests and refines the public input with continued open public input.
Presentation of Work-In-Progress - Friday, May 19, 2000
After a week of working in the community, work completed within the week is presented back to the public.
Charrette Documents
Charrette Report    
Opening Presentation Final Presentation
  Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council: Marcela Camblor, Shirley Monroe, Andrew Georgiadis
  Glatting, Jackson, Kercher, Anglin, Lopez, Rinehart Associates: Wade Walker
  Urban Designers: Ignacio Correa, Maria Deleon Fleites, Cesar M. Garcia-Pons, Jess Linn, Erick Valle, Estela L. Valle, Tatiana Pena, Shailendra Singh, Derrick Wendell Smith