Model Code Form-Based Code for Pre-Platted Corridors - Case Study: Becker Road

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Project Brief


Date: September 2008
Zoning Districts Illustrated

The Model Form-Base Code for Pre-Platted Corridors and the Public Design Manual has been prepared by the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council through the sponsorship of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the St. Lucie County Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) in partnership with the City of Port St. Lucie.

The model code was based upon the Becker Road Charrette held in November 2005 in the City of Port St. Lucie. The Becker Road Citizens’ Master Plan lays out a strategy for the 4.1-mile long corridor to encourage development that will improve the quality of life within the surrounding neighborhoods while accommodating expansion of the roadway. The FDOT and TPO recognized that similar corridor conditions exist repeatedly throughout Florida and supported codification of the Becker Road plan as a model for the region. The model form-based code integrates multi-modal travel choices with sustainable land use patterns. This document provides the foundation to implement the study’s recommendations locally and the methodology to apply these strategies on other pre-platted corridors throughout the region and the state.

The Team:
FDOT Project Team
Jeff Weidner, Mobility Manager; Andrew Riddle, Daphne Spanos
St. Lucie County TPO
Vice Mayor Jack Kelly (Chair), City of Port St. Lucie; Commissioner Charles Grande (Vice-Chair), St. Lucie County; Mayor Patricia Christensen, City of Port St. Lucie; Councilwoman Michelle Berger, City of Port St. Lucie; Councilman Christopher Cooper, City of Port St. Lucie; Commissioner Doug Coward, St. Lucie County; Commissioner Paula Lewis, St. Lucie County; Commissioner Joe Smith, St. Lucie County; Commissioner Rufus Alexander, City of Fort Pierce; Commissioner Christine Coke, City of Fort Pierce; Darrell Drummond, Council on Aging; Katherine Hensley, St. Lucie County School Board

St. Lucie County TPO Project Team
Mark Satterlee (former Executive Director); Peter Buchwald, Executive Director; Marceia Lathau, Planner
City of Port St. Lucie
Mayor Patricia Christensen, Vice Mayor; Jack Kelly,Councilwoman Michelle Berger; Councilman Christopher Cooper; Councilwoman Linda Bartz; Daniel Holbrook, Planning Director
Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council Project Team
Michael Busha, Executive Director; Anthea Gianniotes, Project Manager; Dana Little, Urban Design Director; Kim Delaney, Growth Manager Coordinator; Wynsum Hatton, Planner; Marlene Brunot-Phillips, Regional Planner
Consultant Team
Marcela Camblor & Associates, Inc.; Steven Fett Architecture; Billy Hattaway, P.E.; Spikowski Planning Associates