Lake Worth Park of Commerce Charrette

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Project Brief


Lake Worth Park of Commerce study area is from 10th Avenue North to Lake Worth Road and from Lake Worth Drainage District E-4 Canal to I-95
Lake Worth Park of Commerce Citizens' Master Plan

Dates: October 6, 2001


The goal of the Lake Worth Park of Commerce master plan is to create a framework that will facilitate development and investment in private land and in public infrastructure, preserve the park's diversity and enhance its livability, complement the city's neighborhoods and the downtown, and encourage quality architecture and urban design in a manner that achieves the following objectives:

1.   create a center for the district
2.   make the district self-sufficient
3.   create an entrance into the district
4.   maximize potential development opportunities
5.   create walkable streets
  Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council: Michael Busha, Marcela Camblor, and Shirley Monroe
  Designers: Steven Fett, Anthea Gianniotes, Jess Linn, Dana Little, Shailendra Singh, and Sita Singh
Charrette Documents
Charrette Report Master Plan
 Perpective of Citizens' Master Plan proposal for Boutwell improvments by Shailendra Singh
 District Center by Marcela Camblor