Kenwood Estates Charrette

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Project Brief


New community park by Shailendra Singh
Location: Kenwood Estates, Palm Beach County, Florida
Date: May 2004

Kenwood Estates Citizens’ Master Plan was a plan for redevelopment of a neighborhood in southern Palm Beach County. Key components include the following:

    1. neighborhood center on Military Trail


Canal promendade by Dan Cary
    2. 10th Avenue North infill with a park and mixed-use development
    3. improvement of Canal Promenade
    4. redevelopment of the 10th Avenue Plaza
    5. beautiful and pedestrian-friendly street scape
    6. unique identity with identifiable edges
    7. mix of uses and diversity of housing types
    8. reconfiguration of John I. Leonard Senior High School
The Team:
    Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    Marcela Camblor, Dana Little, an Shirley Monroe
    Urban Designers
Dan Cary, Steven Fett, Maria DeLeon Fleites, Barry Mahaffey, Richard McLauglin, Shailendra Singh, Sita Singh, and Derrick Smith
Charrette Documents
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Work-in-Progress Presentation