Atlantis, Greenacres, Palm Beach County Charrette

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Project Brief


The study area is from the L-14 canal to the north to Lantana Road to the south and the E-3 Canal to the west to Military Trail to the east.
Date: June 2004

The Atlantis/Greenacres/Palm Beach County Charrette dealt with zoning, future land uses, transfer of development rights, and strategies for predictability and development for Belmont at Greenacres and Belmont at Haverhill.

The Team:
  Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
  Marcela Camblor - Urban Design Studio Coordinator
  Steven Fett - Urban Designer
  Dana Little - Urban Designer
  Shirley Monroe
  A+S Architects: Derrick Windell Smith
  ArX Solutions Inc.: Gonzalo Navarro and Patricio Navarro
  Urban Designers: Dan Cary, Maria DeLeon Fleites, Natasha Alfonso Quintanilla, Pedro Quintanilla, Shailendra Singh, and Sita Singh
Charrette Documents
  Work-in-Progress Presentation  Master Plan Charrette Report  
Perspective of Belmont Haverhill by Steven Fett
Order Items
Charrette Report Charrette Report on CD Work-in-Progress Presentation Master Plan 32 x 34 Master Plan Poster with selected images 17 x 32 Master Plan Poster with selected images 11 x 17