Flagler Beach Charrette

TCRPC Urban Design Studio
Project Brief


Crossover to beach by Jess Linn
Date: February 2003

The project created a master plan that reinforces the City of Flagler Beaches designation as a "Scenic Highway" and creates a building strategy for the redevelopment of downtown Flagler Beach as a “beach town.” The citizens' master plan calls for the following:

1.  preserve environmental, cultural, educational, and recreational resources
2. define zoning laws to encourage development consistent with the citizen's vision
3. foster growth of indigenous landscape
4. improve overall vehicular circulation and access while maintaining a pedestrian friendly environment
TCRPC Design Studio:
  Michael Busha, Marcela Camblor, and Shirley Monroe
Glatting Jackson, Kercher, Anglin, Lopez, Rinehart:
  Blake Drury, Jeffrey Manuel, and Wade Walker
Seth Harry & Associates, Inc.: Seth Harry
Urban Designers:
  Anthea Gianniotes, Jess Linn, Dana Little, Douglas Patrick Luke, Barry Mahaffey, Sita Singh, and Derrick Smith
Order Items
Charrette Report Charrette Report on CD Work-in-Progress Presentation Master Plan with selected renderings (24” x 36”) Master Plan Poster with selected images 11 x 17
Proposed elevation of Douglas White property