Existing Condition
- A strip shopping center surrounded by parking
- A convenience store
- A gas station
- Several rental apartment units in obsolete buildings
- A neighborhood street - SE Nassau Ave - interrupted by a parking lot
- A neighborhood church in need for expansion
Phase I
- Create an authentic plaza - a stage for gatherings and community activities, fronting the existing convenience store
- Surround the plaza with public streets, clearly defining the vehicular and pedestrian realms.
- Incorporate on-street parking along every street
- Extend SE Nassau Ave. and connect it to MLK Blvd.
Phase II
- Extend Lake Avenue through and behind the police and fire departments. This will increase security and accessibility to the area
- Create a small traffic calming device an the intersection of Lake and Tarpon
- Develop a strategy to relocate residents of existing multi-family buildings to newly constructed structures to allow for the connection of the street and the construction of new residential and mixed-use buildings
- Line the existing strip shopping buildings with new ones that face MLK Blvd.
Phase III
- Over time, replace obsolete buildings with new ones that accommodate parking in the rear of the structures, shielded from the pedestrian
- Eliminate head-in parking along Tarpon Avenue
Ultimate Build-Out
- Convert the existing gas station to a more urban “backwards gas station”
- Complete the Martin Luther King frontage of the site with mixed-use buildings.
- Over time, rebuild the existing retail shopping center and convenience store and allow them to accommodate additional stories and a mix of uses. Series by Marcela Camblor.
A Center For The Community: Looking South On Tarpon Avenue Along The Reconfigured Gary Plaza. By Shailendra Singh.