East Stuart Charrette

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Project Brief


Citizens' Master Plan
Entrance into East Stuart by Derrick Smith
The ultimate build-out of Gary Plaza by Marcela Camblor.
Date: January 2004

The East Stuart is a historical African American neighborhood and one of the oldest sections of the city. The charrette looked at 112 acres that included a wide array of community uses including eighteen acres of park, a school, and thirteen churches. The goal of the charrette was to provide a framework to facilitate development, preserve the community’s heritage, enhance livability and sense of unity, and encourage design quality. The citizens’ master plan calls for the following:

1. build entry features
  2. build mixed-use buildings along MLK
  3. redevelop the Taylor property into a Bahamian Village
  4. improve connectivity
  5. develop East Avenue as a main street
  6. landscaping, street furniture, traffic calming
  7. save the McHardy building
  8. renovate existing commercial buildings
  9. expand the recreation center
  10. redevelop the Gary Plaza
The Team:
  Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
  Michael Busha - Executive Director
  Marcela Camblor - Urban Design Studio Coordinator
  Shirley Monroe - Graphics Technician
  Urban Designers
Steven Fett, Anthea Gianniotes, Dana Little, Barry Mahaffey, Rich McLaughlin, Natasha Quintanilla, Pedro Quintanilla, Elena Romero, Sita Singh, Derrick Windell Smith, A+S Architects
Looking west down MLK Blvd at a proposed median at the intersection of MLK Blvd and Tarpon Ave. This short landscaped median has a sign with the name of the community inscribed in it.
Charrette Documents
Order Items
Charrette Report Charrette Report on CD Work-in-Progress Presentation Master Plan with selected renderings (24” x 36”) Master Plan Poster with selected images 11 x 17