Energy Planning

Council has recognized the importance of energy issues in all levels of planning. In order to facilitate energy planning, Council has developed an advisory report, Energy Planning in the Twenty-First Century: A Guide for Florida Communities. The document includes major sections dealing with coordinated energy planning, energy efficiency and conservation, greater use of solar and other clear alternative energy resources, sustainable communities, energy efficient buildings, and energy efficient transportation systems. The energy-planning guide includes a comprehensive set of energy-related goals, strategies and policies. Many of the policies are appropriate for inclusion in local government comprehensive plans. The document also contains a variety of other energy-related information. Use of this document should enhance awareness of energy issues and lead to a cleaner environment, more sustainable communities, and a higher quality of life. Click here to download a copy of the Energy Planning Guide. A hardcopy of the document is also available from Council for $6.50.

Photovoltaic test facility located at the Florida Power and
Light Company (FPL) Martin Plant site. Photograph courtesy of FPL


Regional Energy Resiliency Workshop - December 11, 2012



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